Playa Marsella Info Flyer


A printable information flyer on Playa Marsella
including Restaurants, Activities, The Li'l Aussie Hut and Transport Options with Map

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Bar Gaby

Walking back 100 meters from the Casa Bahia Hotel entrance is Bar Gaby.  

A true Nica experience, they welcome you in to enjoy their open air dining atmosphere, nestled amongst the forest trees and family farm animals.  

Half house and half Restaurant it is home to the local fisherman and his family.  

Fresh seafood is always on the menu including squid, shrimp and lobster, cooked in a variety of traditional recipes. The Ceviches, Fillets and Whole Fish garnished with fresh salads and all the Nica side serves, will leave you well satisfied.  

Open all day from Breakfast to 10pm in the evening. 

The menu also includes Omelette, French Toast, Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Tacos, Quesadillas, Seafood & Chicken Nachos, Steak, and Hamburgers.

La Comeda Chilo – Nica Bar & Restaurant

The smiles of Chilo and her family, welcome you into their family run Nica bar, which fronts onto the entrance road 100 metres before the beach (50 metres before Villa Mar). It is locally known as just "Cheranga’s” or “Chilo’s”.  

Their traditional Nica menu highlights beef and chicken, as well as seafood options like the langosta al ajillo (lobster in garlic sauce) and the fish catch of the day (filleted or entire) in generous portions prepared differently with sauces of choice to tantalise the taste buds. 

Photo Credit: (Thanks Alicia & Gordon!)
Open from 7am for a hearty breakfast going all day for lunch and dinner continuing on till 10pm at night or much, much later by crowd demand. 

Here at Chilo & Cheranga’s you can also buy milk, cigarettes, cookies, and packet snacks, as well as take away beer, rum, juice and fizzy drinks like coke, pepsi etc in 1.5ltr and 3 ltr bottles.

Frisbee Golf

Marsella Valley Disk (Frisbee) Golf is a 12 hole course along the entrance road coming to Playa Marsella. 

To make a complete day of it, bring a cooler, chilly bin or esky and use the self catering BBQ area with amenities for Frisbee Golfers. 

Part of the course follows the El Baston River which flows into Playa Marsella. Wildlife is in abundance from monkeys, iguanas, butterflies and tropical birds. 

Cold beers also available.

From $2.50 per person

Concha's Rancho Marsella

Rancho Marsella, also known as “Concha’s,” is located on the mouth of the El Baston River overlooking the beach. 

Their menu includes tasty ceviches and seafood dishes caught locally; the Sopa de Mariscos (Seafood Soup) is a favourite on weekends. 

Sitting underneath the el rancho you can take in the beach view or see up river and catch a glimpse of “Paco,” the crocodile who lives amongst the trees. 

Paco also likes to have lunch at Concha’s, where they call or whistle him up and he is rewarded with fish bits. 

Paco is approximately 3.5 metres long and he is a very happy snappy being so well fed.

Aussie Hut Day Passes

Do your own thing for the day. 

Relax and chill out in the shade for the day with family and friends, and utilise all the amenities at The Li'l Aussie Hut. 

Bring Your Own cooler of supplies; have a few drinks or a BBQ. 

Sunbake, swim, read a book from our Book Swap Library (bring one, take one) or get into Hammockology. 

Enjoy a game of beach cricket or get into the rugby kickoff challenge.

Different tours leave from Playa Marsella and we can help you organize your activities if you want to be more adventurous.

$8 per person per day
(Quick call in advance recommended +505 83856644)