Bar Gaby

Walking back 100 meters from the Casa Bahia Hotel entrance is Bar Gaby.  

A true Nica experience, they welcome you in to enjoy their open air dining atmosphere, nestled amongst the forest trees and family farm animals.  

Half house and half Restaurant it is home to the local fisherman and his family.  

Fresh seafood is always on the menu including squid, shrimp and lobster, cooked in a variety of traditional recipes. The Ceviches, Fillets and Whole Fish garnished with fresh salads and all the Nica side serves, will leave you well satisfied.  

Open all day from Breakfast to 10pm in the evening. 

The menu also includes Omelette, French Toast, Chicken with Mushroom Sauce, Tacos, Quesadillas, Seafood & Chicken Nachos, Steak, and Hamburgers.