La Comeda Chilo – Nica Bar & Restaurant

The smiles of Chilo and her family, welcome you into their family run Nica bar, which fronts onto the entrance road 100 metres before the beach (50 metres before Villa Mar). It is locally known as just "Cheranga’s” or “Chilo’s”.  

Their traditional Nica menu highlights beef and chicken, as well as seafood options like the langosta al ajillo (lobster in garlic sauce) and the fish catch of the day (filleted or entire) in generous portions prepared differently with sauces of choice to tantalise the taste buds. 

Photo Credit: (Thanks Alicia & Gordon!)
Open from 7am for a hearty breakfast going all day for lunch and dinner continuing on till 10pm at night or much, much later by crowd demand. 

Here at Chilo & Cheranga’s you can also buy milk, cigarettes, cookies, and packet snacks, as well as take away beer, rum, juice and fizzy drinks like coke, pepsi etc in 1.5ltr and 3 ltr bottles.